Recently I found a nice webradio to listen to. I decided to play it with my PS3, unfortunately it doesn’t support steaming from the internet. Google sais I have to stream it with my computer.

So I grabbed my PS3MediaServer config-file and took a look.
Browse your installdir of pms and open WEB.conf (C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server\WEB.conf in my case) with your favourite editor.
Find the section #shoutcasts and add a line with your webradio, use following syntax:


I wanted to add Raw FM to my list. This is the line I added:

audiostream.Web,Radios=Raw FM - Dance Floor Radio,,

After doing this I am able to go to Music/PMS/Radio/Raw FM – Dance Floor Radio in my XMB. You probably need to restart your pms manually.

If you don’t have pms installed, search google for ps3mediaserver.